So how did this party get started?

Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter

Kajabi was founded by two long-time friends Travis, a world-class designer, and Kenny, a versatile software architect. On a hot summer day in 2009, the two met for some tacos and tortas at La Sirena Grill in Orange County, CA. During their man-date, Travis and Kenny were discussing their latest fun side project: an eBook and video that showed parents how to create fun water toys for their kids. They thought marketing a simple information product like this would be easy. Turns out, it wasn’t.

They had no choice but to create everything from scratch: up-sells, secure checkout, piracy controls (so that people couldn’t steal the product), thank you pages, email integration and more.

All of this was a lot more work than expected. “Isn’t there a solution for building something like this without having to create everything from scratch?” Turns out there wasn’t. With this realization, they set out to create an all-in-one solution that allowed people to create a private content portal, and sell access to it. It was then that the idea for Kajabi was born.

Since that day, Kajabi has become the de-facto standard for anyone wanting to quickly and painlessly post content online and charge for access to it. Through the process of building a tool that solved a problem that they themselves had, Travis and Kenny have built a service that helps the masses monetize their knowledge....and they are just getting started.

The Kajabi Team

Our entire team is focused on one thing: ensuring our users have a great experience with Kajabi and succeed in their endeavor.

Kenny Rueter Co-Founder of K'Awesome

When not coaching yet another youth baseball game in the middle of the day, Kenny can be found doing pretty much anything and everything relating to Kajabi--be that coding, architecting new features, handling accounting, negotiating contracts and partnerships, or taking photos of himself.

Travis Rosser Co-Founder of The Software You Should Buy

A tough local farmboy hailing from California's jewel, Kingsburg, Travis spends his time creating the origins of awesome, or working through therapy over the entire internet copying his yellow "buy now" buttons. As designers go, Travis is sweet, slow to anger, and in fact, just plain slow (we have videos of him running).