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  • 3 Kajabi Projects
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  • Social Media Integration
  • KRUNCH Video Encoding
  • Content Delivery Network
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What our customers are saying

“I love the guys at Kajabi. I love the tool - it's super simple to use. I highly recommend you check it out.” Brendon
"I'm in LOVE - I've built a secondary career with this. If you're delivering content and you want to simplify your life, you NEED Kajabi!" Chalene
“I enjoy staying in my lane, doing what I do best, and allow the technology to be taken care of by Kajabi.” Les

Common questions and answers

How long are your contracts? There are no long-term contracts or commitments. Your happiness with us is month to month. Pay for each month you use and cancel at any time.

If I have questions about using Kajabi, is there someone I can talk to? Yes! We offer live chat support for our customers so you can get the answers you need, when you need them.

Isn't Kajabi just like a website? Yes. Well, sort of. Think of Kajabi as a private website. It’s a private website where you store all content, videos and anything else that’s valuable. For people to access it, they’ve got to pay you. You can also allow the members of your sites to communicate with each other and build a community.

Is Kajabi only good for making membership sites? Nope! While Kajabi is (in our opinion) the best tool for creating rich membership sites with commenting, forums, and social interaction, it is also great for delivering private content without all those awesome community features. Have a set of video files or downloads you want people to pay for? No problem! Creating online courses and info-products is also a snap.

How secure is Kajabi? Kajabi is a very secure platform. It encrypts the links to your videos preventing them from being shared, prevents users from login in with shared credentials, and on top of that we have a team of top engineers constantly monitoring the platform.

Can I host Kajabi myself? Nope, we’re a hosted, software-as-a-service platform. We do this so that we can constantly push out updates and new features plus we’re for those who don’t want techie headaches. And don't worry, your data is 100% secure with us and you can export all your data at any time if you'd like a backup of it.

Does Kajabi own the data I put on my site? Of course not! Any content (including users) you put on your site remains 100% owned by you. Kajabi does not have permission to use that content (or contact your users) for any reason. Kajabi is just a tool for you to deliver YOUR content.

Is it easy to use video with Kajabi? Yes! Kajabi has what we call Krunch Video Encoding which automatically encodes multiple versions of the videos you upload to Kajabi so that they are optimized for viewing on the web as well as a variety of devices (including the iPhone and iPad). All you need to do is upload your raw video file and Kajabi does the rest.

If I don’t like Kajabi, how do I cancel? Simply head over to your "My Account" page, and click a link to automatically cancel within "My Subscriptions." No need to talk to anybody or send an email hoping to track someone down.

If I cancel my Kajabi membership, will I lose all my data? As with most software-as-a-service platforms, when you cancel your account all your private data will be inaccessible, but don't worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download all your data so you can take it with you.